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Search Marketing & Social Ads

Reputation and word of mouth referrals can only take you so far--and only with those who already know you. But what about everyone else in your local area and beyond? If your business is not well represented on social networks and search engines, you lose opportunities and revenue. Customers will simply assume you don't exist. This is called passive loss. The opposite, of course, is active gain.

Through intentional and consistent activities geared toward improving the quality of your website and marketing message, you can rise above the noise and be found when local customers are looking for you.

Local Marketing

We have been providing SEO, search marketing, social advertising, social media management, email marketing funnels, and more since 2009. While knowledge continues to evolve, we stay informed and know what we are doing. We know that small details matter. Your local directory listings, choice of hashtags, approach to keyword research, analytics and data all play an important part of your overall strategy. Are you doing all that you can to reach every potential customer? From experience, we can tell you there is more and we can definitely help!

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Brand Development

Your brand is what your clients and customers feel about your business. It is important to foster a positive perception in your market by investing in high-quality, thoughtful design and an effective message that clarifies who you are, what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. The overwhelming majority of the companies we have worked with have struggled to accurately talk about themselves in a manner that leads to new business. We will help you tell your story.

Cranford Local understands the critical decision points that factor into crafting the right message and visual brand for your business. Let us help you create the perfect brand based on why you are in business. We make the process easy and fun!

Website Design

You have invested time, money, and effort and build your business. The community knows and respects you, but does your website reflect the same respect back to your community? Most people research a local business online before visiting or scheduling an appointment for the first time. Is your local presence represented accurately online? Does it attract or repel? We find that many local companies have created unintended friction in their marketing approach, leading to lost opportunities.

Today’s customer is more sophisticated than in the past. Have you noticed how few are without a smartphone in hand lately? They are expecting the same quality experience you provide in person on the web too. Let’s meet them where they are and exceed their expectations.

Cranford Local is the perfect website designer for your small business. We offer a truly custom solution tailored to your business needs.

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Website Maintenance

For clients who value their time and choose to stay focused on their strengths, we offer monthly website updates and support that save you time! Member brands simply send us an email anytime a web-related maintenance need arises. Requests are typically fulfilled within one business day.

What is a request? Anything from text or image changes to new posts, pages, or website sections is fair game. Need something else? Just ask. Our team is alerted to your maintenance request in real-time and ready to serve you 24/7. We provide status updates at each stage of the process, from receipt--to quality control--to completion.

Maintain your investment in a quality website. The Cranford Local team is “on call” to manage your online presence to help you focus on your strengths and keep you productive.